Often dubbed as the Maldives of Indonesia, Pulo Cinta is more popular and on track to becoming one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. Pulo Cinta means “Island of Romance” because it is shaped like a heart from the aerial view. Legend has it that the island got its name from a forbidden love story between the prince of Gorontalo and the daughter of a Dutch trader who would come here for their secret escape. Pulo Cinta is the resort’s water villas located in Boalemo district - Gulf of Tomini, approximately 2.5 hours drive from the city of Gorontalo. The Island is very highly recommended for you who want to spend a honeymoon period, because it really deserted island and unpopulated. There are only 15 unique resorts at this place and there’s no Wi-FI or televisions so it’s back to the simple life and all about connecting with those who really matter. Pulo Cinta is not about the modern luxury – it is about meaningful encounter with the nature and your love ones. Romance is very much alive here!

Beside Pulo Cinta, If thrill is something that you seek in Gorontalo, you can experience diving with whale sharks at Botubarani Beach for an unforgettable experience. Visit Otanaha fortress for a piece of Gorontalo history, this stony landscape which was built in the 15th Century under the agreement between King Ilato and the Portugese is unique because of its building material: a mix of sand, plaster, and the white yolk of Maleo eggs. You will have to climb 345 steps of stairs to reach Otanaha because it is positioned right on top of the highland. Experience a religious atmosphere mixed with traditional nuances at Bongo Village. It is also the home to hundreds of fossilized timber, displayed at the Wooden Fossil Museum. Finally, enjoy a perfect diving getaway in Olele beach with its diverse marine ecosystem and beautiful reef.

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Time Difference          : GMT +8

Capital City                    : Gorontalo

Language                         : Indonesia

Currency                          : IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)