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Explore Indonesia most popular destinations


Discover the wonder of Indonesia. From Sumatra's western tip to Papua's eastern edge, Indonesia offers a myriad of sights, adventures, and experiences. It is a land of vast cultures, animals, floras, people, places, and foods that are impossible to fully explore all of them in a single lifetime.


The Island of the gods, a dream destination for any traveler


Swing with orang-utans in the world’s oldest rainforest or dive with stingless jellyfish in the Derawan Islands, Borneo is an offbeat eco-adventure


Home to the Komodo, Flores, and Sumba - East Nusa Tenggara has seen a steady rise in luxury resorts and phinisi schooners to welcome travelers who want to sail through its unique landscape, wildlife and culture


Indonesia’s cultural and economic heartbeat, Java is a hodgepodge of traditional cultures, fantastic gastronomy, sprawling metropolises, active volcanoes with dazzling sunrises, ancient temples and national parks


The Spice Islands, a group of over a thousand tropical islands scattered between Papua, Timor and Sulawesi - that are infused with a friendly and musical Polynesian culture, rugged mountains and idyllic beaches


Indonesia’s final frontier, Papua’s seas host the dazzling coral reefs and dive sites of Raja Ampat and its land is an explorer’s playground with its many tribes, remoteness and indigenous ethnicity


Home to the renowned Toraja and Minahasa tribes, Sulawesi is a cultural and panoramic enigma with a mostly Christian population in its historical cities and myriad diving destinations with access to the Coral Triangle


Lombok and the Gili Islands offer treks, dives and stunning beaches without the crowds