Often dubbed “The most popular hidden gem in Indonesia” Kei Islands are still less known compared with other similar destinations, such as Raja Ampat and Wakatobi. Only 300 travellers reportedly visited the place last year, which is an increase compared to 2015, when it welcomed only 40 tourists. The gem of these islands are the kilometres of stunning white-sand beaches and truly hospitable locals. If you are planning to visit Kei Islands, go during Meti Kei from October 22 to 23. “Meti Kei” is a phenomenon where the sea water recedes up to 6 km, during which travellers can reach the other islands by foot instead of using boat. What an experience! Kei Islands now, are rapidly gaining their reputation as the place to go to look for perfect, unspoiled beaches and underwater world.

Almost all passionate travellers have heard about Raja Ampat, which is located in Papua Province. However it is not the only place that possess such beauty. Meet Bair Island; despite lacking of popularity, the island is considered a gem of Kei Island tourism, It offers flawless nautical beauty and serene environment. It is also the home of blacktip baby sharks! Hawang cave is one of the main destination of Kei Island. The cave, surrounded by beautiful jungle, is 15 km away from Tual City. Inside Hawang Cave you can see a pond with bluish clear water where you can see clearly the rock formations underneath. This pond is directly linked to Evu (the water source) which happens to be the biggest in Kei Kecil Island. What’s more, Hawang cave is divided into two different caves connected by an underground river and you can go to both caves and dive through the connecting river. Maluku is the habitat of many rare animal species, and some of them reside in Ngurtafur Beach. For example there are leatherback sea turtles and some species of Pelicans that migrate from Australia to Moluccas. Witnessing these exotic wild animals in a beautiful environment is a distinct experience! If you are a beach person you can go to Ohoidertawun beach, a gentle sloping beach in Kei Islands. This means that at the time of meti (low tide), this beach instantly becomes a large field of up to 500 meters. Among all beaches on Kei Islands, only Ohoidertawun has the longest meti every year. During Meti, you can enjoy a great sunbathing experience with the widest blue sky you have ever seen. Another stunning beach is Ngurbloat beach or known by the town of Tual as “Pasir Panjang” Coast, which means long sands. White sands that extend about 5 km adorned with lush coconut trees along the coast and crystal blue sea with calm waves will ensure that you have a long stay in Kei Islands.

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Time Difference          : GMT +9

Capital City                    : Langgur

Language                         : Indonesia

Currency                          : IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)