Yogyakarta (also known as “Jogja”) is one of the foremost cultural centers of Java’s artistic and intellectual heritage. Both local and international tourists flock to Yogyakarta to indulge in it’s rich history and culture. This city remains a stronghold of batik, gamelan, puppet show (wayang), classical Javanese dances theater, ritual, and other expressions of traditional art will keep the visitor spellbound. Yogyakarta has more than just culture though, you will see the Indonesia's coolest, most livable and lovable city, with street art, galleries, local food and coffee shops. It's also a perfect base for Indonesia’s most important archaeological sites, Borobudur and Prambanan.

Looking for a bit of adventure during your stay in Yogyakarta? Yogyakarta is indeed a city with numerous adventure attractions to enjoy after Bali and Lombok. Bring your feet to the world famous volcano called Mount Merapi. The landscape will amaze you from the second you cast your sights to the structure. Not enough? You should trying rappelling to Jomblang Cave. This “crazy & dangerous” rappelling is very deep vertical cliff, about 30 meters to the bottom of the cave. It can lift up your adrenaline and be best experience in whole your life. Other adrenaline experience, it’s well worth to visit Borobudur temple. Indonesia’s most important centre for Buddhism, and there are now three monasteries in the surrounding district. Besides Borobudur, you also have to visit Prambanan Temple. Built in the 10th century, this is the largest temple compound dedicated to Hindu religion in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is an experience. The city evokes peacefulness, a serenity and a friendliness of its people create a joyous harmony as they welcome all travelers.

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Time Difference          : GMT +7

Capital City                    : Yogyakarta

Language                         : Indonesia

Currency                          : IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)