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Jewels of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat I Misool I Waigeo I Wayag, Papua

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Cruising Raja Ampat must rate as one of life's most beautiful experiences in the world. One of the unique ecological niches on the planet which offers sceneries among the most stunning that you are likely to behold in a lifetime. Many of the fish, corals, and crustaceans that live in are found nowhere else on Earth. During this cruise, you do not need to be a diver to be able to experience this global epicenter of marine diversity; here you will have the opportunity to snorkel daily in an underwater world reminiscent of a living kaleidoscope and have a sensation of the natural atmosphere of beautiful islets spreading around the island. Also, float on your back through a mysterious cave; swim with stingless jellyfish; dive into a jungle waterfall, and witness the curious bobbing, flapping, and weaving display dance of the red bird of paradise. Relish the magic of what has been described as the ‘Last Paradise on Earth’.

Many of these cruises fall over either Christmas Day or New Year's Day (or both!), so be sure to check the dates. In the true spirit of the festive season, you can rest assured that we will be pulling out all the stops to celebrate in style.

Activities: cruise - live on board, sight-seeing, culture, nature, leisure & adventure.

TOUR SCHEDULE: October 2020 - December 2021
16 - 25 October 2020 | 17 - 26 December 2020 | 18 - 27 December 2020 | 30 December 2020 - 8 January 2021 | 4 - 13 February 2021 | 16 - 25 February 2021 | 18 - 27 October 2021 | 17 - 26 December 2021 | 18 - 27 December 2021 | 29 December 2021 - 7 January 2022

 This is a cruise group tour, with a fixed itinerary and scheduled start dates.


Your flight will arrive in the West Papuan port town of Sorong, the gateway to Raja Ampat. From the airport, we will transfer you to the harbor and set off to Misool Archipelago by the luxury Ombak Putih or Katrina. Ready to start our adventure, the cruise director will familiarize you with the vessel’s facilities and safety procedure. You may unwind yourself with a refreshing swim along the way. Then, We will dine alfresco on the main deck while meeting the other passengers and crew and watching the sunset on our first day at sea. Meals Included : dinner


Morning in the picturesque of Islands that makes up the Misool Archipelago. The topography is typical of ‘karst dissolution,’ featuring a great number of tiny islets whose bases have been eroded over time by the relentless motion of the tides. We will spend the day maximising everything that this fascinating area has to offer by marvelling at both the marine wonderland under the water and the magnificent landscape above the surface. We can test out our paddling skills in the sea kayaks, watch for birds perched on the rocks, or just sit back and take in the glorious scenery. Afterward, will spend a quiet night at anchor in Misool’s Tomolol Bay. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


After an early breakfast, we will head to Tomolo’s mysterious dome-topped cave. Our tenders will take us into the heart of the bay to see this partially submerged cave where it is possible to swim, snorkel or simply float while gazing up at the cavernous grotto adorned with astonishing stalactites. The more adventurous can swim or paddle through the dark waters to the other mouth of the cave. We will then move on to the mysterious jellyfish lake where you can swim amongst a thousand of stingless animals and explore more of this impressive maze of karst islands, both above and below the surface, complete with mysterious skull cairns in sea-cave cemeteries, and prehistoric cave paintings, estimated to be anything between 3,000 to 5,000 years old. Overnight, our boat will cruise north to the island of Batanta. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


We will have an adventurous trek to Batanta Islands that offer us a change of scenery from yesterday’s marine exploration to a jungle-clad island adventure. Start from the north coast of the island at the foot of Arefi Village, we will start tracking through the mangrove water and two jungle waterfalls with refreshing pool escorted by the local guide. The fit and adventurous ones may continue to the uphill climb where larger cascade awaits. After leaving the wilderness behind us, we will find a nearby spot to swim and snorkel before moving north to the Island of Waigeo. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


Wake up in the biggest island of Raja Ampat—Mayalibit Bay— at the heart of Waigeo which nearly splits the island into two parts! It eventually engraved a fjord-like channel that will look like a swift-powerful river when the sea tides. After breakfast, we will head to Lopintol Village where one of the villagers will guide us on a morning spelunking expedition: visit two dramatic-contrasting caves that highlight the fascinating underground formations of the karst landscape. After lunch, we will freshen up with a swim and snorkel before visiting Sapokren Village to meet with a local NGO leader and discuss some issues regarding illegal logging, community development and (hopefully) details of a new FFI (Flora & Fauna International) project in these areas. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


Before sunrise, we will trek to the forest to spot the remarkable Red Bird of Paradise, one of the species that Wallace, the famous naturalist, was most anxious to collect. We might luckily witness to catch a rare and privileged sight of the bird’s elaborate courtship dance as the day breaks over the forest canopy. Whether we spot the birds or not, for sure we will experience a wonderful trek. Afterward, we will go to Dampier Strait, home to some of Raja Ampat’s premier reefs. We may snorkel amongst some of the larger specimens of marine life there. We will end our day by mooring off Pulau Arborek in front Arborek Village. Here, we can easily circumnavigate the tiny island by foot and gain a sense of the Asai culture, which is still kept alive by the villagers living in this isolated place. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


Today we are going to have a full day adventure through the convoluted western cost of Waigeo. Begin with exploring Wofoh, the three island gems linked together by stretches of the pristine coral reef. You can navigate the islands by tenders or kayaks, and may calmly relax on the beach. In the afternoon, we will move northwards to Aljui Bay, one of the larger producers of high-quality seawater pearls in the region, where the farmers may grant us permission to visit their facilities and receive an explanation of the pearling processes that we have seen during our voyage. In the evening, we will make our way across the equator to the northern hemisphere on our journey to the Islands of Wayag. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


We will spend the day in a natural splendor of Wayag Island that spreads its charm through the vibrancy of its reef and the marine life which flourishes below. You may have a look to series of coves and lagoons, narrow channels and inlets, caves, jagged rocks and shaded, sandy beaches. There are also some nearly vertical climbs with magnificent panorama once you dare to get on the top. We will spend a quiet night here at anchor. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner


The Wayag islands are Raja Ampat’s best, and we will make the most of this unique region for one more morning, navigating the maze of mushroom-shaped islands, and stopping for swimming and snorkelling. In the afternoon, we will set our compasses to return to the southern hemisphere on our way back to mainland West Papua. In the evening we will have our farewell dinner with our captain and crew. Meals Included : breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 10

After a quick stop for a last swim and refreshments on one of the nearby islands, we will make our way back to the harbor of Sorong. Here we will bid farewell to the ship and the crew. Our tenders will take you ashore for your transfer to the airport for your onward travel. Meals Included : breakfast

  • Nine (9) night accommodation in luxury phinisi Ombak Putih or Katharina - based on twin bed sharing (notes : For the single traveller who wants to secure their own cabin we do charge a 75% supplement. If you are a single traveller and don't mind sharing a twin cabin with another person of the same gender, then this fee will not apply).
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea time, snacks & soft drinks) as mentioned in the itinerary, except alcoholic drinks.
  • Private tours, transfers and all services as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Entrance fees for all mentioned sights visited.
  • Professional english speaking guides.
  • Domestic & international airfares to and from our start and end points + departure taxes if applicable (notes : The price of this cruise does not include any domestic airfares to and from our start and end points, however, our reservations specialists are more than happy to help arrange domestic flights on your behalf and advise on scheduling. We book hundreds of flights each year on behalf of our guests and we know the best routes to take to ensure you arrive on time. We only book with IATA-approved airlines that have met with international standards of safety and dependability. Except for Bali, transfers to and from local airports to the boat are also included. If you are booking flights by yourself, do not book any flights before checking with us first. Our first and last day programmes rely on strict time scheduling, so please confirm with us to ensure that you arrive and depart at your destination with plenty of time to spare and to avoid disruption to other guests' schedules).
  • Additional tour or activity if available (optional).
  • Personal expenses (mini bar, laundry, room services, additional food & drink at hotel/restaurant, etc).
  • Personal travel insurance & visa fees.
  • Tipping to captain & crew (notes : on your final night on board, you will have an opportunity to discretely contribute to a collective ‘captain and crew’ tip fund, which will be distributed equally among the crew members. We believe that between US$ 5-10 per cruising day is an appropriate amount (i.e. seven-day cruise = $35 to $70 total, not per crew member). However, this is just a suggestion and remains entirely up to the judgment and discretion of the guests. We do ask that you please refrain from offering tips to crew members at any time, except during cases of exceptional service, when it should be arranged through the office. Tipping of your tour leader for their hard work is also welcome, and is at your discretion. There will be an envelope provided for both crew and tour leaders in the cruise bag in your cabin).
Price & Additional Information
Age Accommodation Room Type Price/Person
Adult Ombak Putih Twin Bed Sharing $5,350/Person
Adult Katharina Twin Bed Sharing $5,350/Person


  • Clothing - The tropical climate means you can safely leave all of your warm weather gear at home. Bring cool cottons, T-shirts and shorts. We cruise during the dry season in each of the regions that we visit but rain is always a possibility so bring a lightweight waterproof jacket; it can sometimes be a bit windy on the boat and this will also help keep you warm. Likewise, a lightweight fleece could be useful for pre-dawn trekking or if there is a cool wind on the boat – even if you don’t need it onboard, it will be useful for the plane. Adventure Archipelago is respectful of the local cultures and customs; bring clothes that cover your shoulders and knees for village visits. Finally, you might want to bring at least one smart-casual outfit for sunset cocktails and evening meals on the boat. Ladies: beach throw-overs, kaftans and sarongs are always useful; choose fabrics that dry easily. Also, bring a lightweight sundress or two – the boat offers a great setting for a photo shoot, live it up
  • Bags - A day backpack is essential on day hikes to carry things such as your water bottle, camera, binoculars, and rain jacket. Ombak Putih or Katharina provides each guest with a metal water bottle, which can re-filled as often as required, and makes a nice souvenir to take home. A waterproof wet/dry bag is a good idea for your phone, camera etc.
  • Footwear - Pack comfortable trainers, trekking sandals, sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots for hikes and walks. Bring socks to wear inside your walking shoes to avoid getting blisters. Many travellers appreciate the added stability of a walking stick or hiking pole; lightweight telescopic poles are easy to pack. You might also want waterproof sandals or reef shoes for wet landings and water activities. Flip-flops are great for the beach. Note: Standard practice is to go barefoot on the boat.
  • Sun Protection - You’ll be spending plenty of time out in the scorching tropical sun, so be sure to pack sunscreen with a high enough SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, which are stronger in the water, and some sun-protective clothing as well. Cover-ups, sarongs, sun shirts, and other such clothing will ensure that you come back from your trip with just happy memories and photographs – and not sunburn. A good hat is essential; a wide brimmed hat or cap will keep the strong equatorial sun off your face and neck. Sunglasses keep your eyes protected and add a little glam to your photos. A strap to hold your glasses can be a good idea on more active adventures. Just in case you fail to avoid getting sunburnt, bring an aloe-based lotion to soothe burned skin.
  • Swimwear - Don’t forget your swimsuit/bikini/shorts/trunks/Speedos —and preferably more than just one swimsuit, so that one or two can be drying while you are wearing another. Luckily, swimsuits and/or swim trunks don’t take up too much space in your luggage. The water is warm but a rash guard (or a wetsuit) will protect you from the sun, abrasions and stings.
  • Skin & Hair Protection - Ladies, it’s important that you take good care of your skin and hair. The sun, seawater and salty air may be beautiful to experience but it can be tough on your body and will wreak havoc on your locks. Bring moisturising lotion to soothe skin parched by the sun and the saltwater; bring a leave-in conditioner to de-tangle your hair with ease because the water, mask, and hair-ties will leave it in knots. Also consider bringing a scarf or headband to hold back unruly hair, or hair-ties/pins to keep your hair off your face and therefore prevent water seeping into your mask. Note: Your cabin is outfitted with towels, shampoo, conditioner and bodywash.
  • Camera Equipment - If you are photo enthusiast bring all of the camera and video equipment that you will use as you can expect exceptional opportunities for photography. If you prefer the ease of a point & shoot, bring that. If you want to take underwater photos you might want to invest in a waterproof camera/GoPro or waterproof housing to capture photos of the incredible marine life.  It’s a good idea to bring a spare memory card; our cruises explore remote regions where memory cards cannot be purchased.

Unforgettable experiences you’ll get:

  • Ten-days liveaboard experience, cruising to Raja Ampat & Misool archipelago by the luxury phinisi vessel, Ombak Putih or Katharina.
  • See the mysterious underwater cave - “Goa Keramat” in Misool.
  • Swim with stingless jellyfish-like which some you can only find on Palau Island, Micronesia.
  • Breathtaking views at every turn, find pristine beaches and the iconic karst islands scattered beautifully across the crystal blue ocean.
  • Witness to catch a rare Red Bird of Paradise and snorkel the most diverse living library for world's coral reef and underwater biota.
  • Up-close and personal with the isolated island local peoples.


Raja Ampat I Misool I Waigeo I Wayag, Papua

Cruise - Live on Board

10 Days 9 Nights

start from $5,900 per person

Each of our itineraries is here to inspire you. We use them as a foundation for your bespoke trip or design your trip completely from scratch based on your requirements. Contact us with your holiday's ideas, no matter how big or small, our travel specialists will start planning a unique and personalized trip just for you.

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