Wildlife-junkie may already know about the Komodo dragons, rare Sumatran tigers, Borneo’s most-loved Orang-Utans, but there are more to find from Indonesia’s best national parks, where you can discover untapped treasure troves of rare species of mammals, birds, and plants. The great tropical rainforests of Indonesia is home to some of the world’s oldest and richest natural habitats, home to a myriad variety of flora and fauna, including many rare species that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. There are also large areas of lush mangrove forest and swamp, volcanic mountains and savannah, and endless miles of coastlines with pristine water and colorful coral reefs home to diverse marine life.

Prepare to be amazed by the spectacular Komodo National Park, the home of the unique and rare Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis); because of the unique and rare nature of this animal, Komodo National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. The park includes three major islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, and numerous of smaller islands totalling 603 square km wide. At least 2,500 komodos live in this area. These large dragons are usually three metres long and weigh up to 90 kg, they thrive in beautiful environment of savannas, rain forests, white beaches, beautiful corals, and clear blue seas. Another Unesco World Heritage listed is Indonesia’s first national park located on the remote southwestern tip of Java island: the Ujung Kulon National Park. Its remoteness is a blessing for it remains largely untouched by the constant flow of tourists, leaving the prime rainforest and wilderness intact. And on top of that, Ujung Kulon is also home and the last refuge of the one-horned Javan rhinoceros, one of the planet’s most critically endangered mammals with only 60 individuals living in this area. If you are fond of Orang Utans, you’d want to visit Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan. It is popular for good reason: you will see free-roaming Orang Utans, packaged with a storybook journey up a winding jungle river, and adventure with tropical appeal. Visit West Bali National Park for a different appeal; it has a total area of 19,000 hectares with mountains, monsoon forest, mangrove forest, savanna, sea grass, sandy beaches, and shallow as well as deep sea waters. Meet eye-to-eye with rare species such as Javan Deer or Menjangan, Malayan porcupine, and Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. And nothing will take your breath away like Bunaken National Park. Here you can discover at least 91 species of fish that are living harmoniously within the beautiful underwater scenery through 20 points of diving spot with varying depth up to 1344 meters.

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