There is so much to discover in Indonesia – whether you’re looking for adventure, ultimate relaxation, incredible scenery or a little bit of everything, this is a honeymoon destination that never disappoints. You can spend your honeymoon in the luxurious way of Bali, party hard in Gili Island, experience luxurious living on Nihiwatu Sumba, amaze yourself on Komodo Island, or enjoy intimate time being newly wed in Pulo Cinta private resorts.

In Bali, honeymooners can get that perfect balance of romantic alone time and exciting adventure time. Bali has an endless choice of couple getaways, from traditional couple massage, romantic dinners, couple yoga retreat, and more. For an exotic ocean atmosphere, try Uluwatu area; for those who think mountains and hills are more romantic, head to Ubud. For couples who fancy tranquil alone time the entire honeymoon, Lombok and Sumba is the perfect choice. The small island has a raw natural magnetism, but not many people have been attracted to it. It presents honeymooners with a remarkable opportunity to enjoy nature’s charm in each other’s company, and no one else. If you’re keen to get under the skin of this fascinating country and explore its traditions and culture, then Java is a great choice. Explore the magical Borobudur Temple at sunrise, cycle through lush rice fields and traditional villages, and discover the arty scene in Yogyakarta. and often dubbed as the Maldives of Indonesia, Pulo Cinta also more popular and on track to becoming one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. The Island is very highly recommended for you who want to spend a honeymoon period, because it really deserted island and unpopulated. So, what you waiting for? Find your dream honeymoon destinations while discovering the beauty of Indonesia!

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