Welcome to the original Spice Island! Moluccas, or known as ‘Maluku’ in Indonesian tongue, are an archipelago on the east side of Indonesia. It was the search for the islands’ valuable spices that kick-started European colonialism. It is pointed out that Maluku has strong ties with the traditions of Pacific Islands nations, such as language, folk songs, food, and household devices even their musical instrument is the familiar ukulele. Rich in coastal and Polynesian charm, you can explore pristine reefs, stroll empty stretches of pure white sand, book idyllic overwater bungalows, view perfectly formed volcanoes, and revel in a tropical indulgence that would feel too good to be true.

When you land in Ambon you will be immediately greeted with lush green mountains and crystal clear waters. The town of Ambon is known as ‘Ambon Manise’ which means ‘Sweet Ambon’ referring to its tropical climate and beauty. As one of the earliest places in Indonesia to be occupied by colonial powers, Ambon has a rich and ancient history—you can start explore the charming Ambon city with its colonial architecture and continue to explore its mountains through lush tropical vegetation, and get ready for its many surprises! You can’t miss Seram Island, which is the largest island in Moluccas. According to local beliefs it is the “Nusa Una” or Mother Island where all the people of Central Maluku once come from. The island also known as Ora Beach home, little Maldives of Indonesia. Charm of the beauty of Ora beach is worth aligned with other beautiful beaches like Boracay beach in the Philippines or the Bora-Bora in the Pacific Ocean. The coral reefs on the beach is diverse and colorful as well as the fishes. Because the water is so clear, we can see the coral and fish that directly swimming under the water. Needless to say, Seram Island provides one of the best and hardest trekking opportunity in Indonesia—the best known track is a long trek right across the island through Manusela National Park. If you are looking for more water activities, visit Banda Neira in the island of Neira; it offers great views of the surrounding islands, some decent snorkelling spots around pulau Neira itself and beautiful pristine beaches. What’s better though, is the island’s remoteness that will ensure it will never be overrun by tourists! For culinary and history lovers, Ternate and Tidore will delight you with its rich historical background and culinary adventures. Shaped by a volcano emerging from the deep Maluku Sea and settled on the west of the large island of Halmahera, Ternate and Tidore hold a great adventure you shouldn’t miss! Every great adventure in Maluku will unfailingly lead you to the unspoiled beauty of Morotai Island. Recognised as “the pearl of Pacific Ocean”, apart from its lush nature, the island also holds numerous historical objects with are the reminiscences of World War II, as the island was once used as an aircraft base by the Portugese, Nippon, and the United States Army!

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Time Difference          : GMT +9

Capital City                    : Ambon

Language                         : Indonesia

Currency                          : IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)